Is Kashmir Stone making a comeback?

Is Kashmir Stone making a return in the music scene? Certainly, yes! Checkout what Brahma had to say about their much anticipated return to the music scene!

Brahma KS

Championing rock music since 90s, Kashmir Stone are legends in their own rights. Probably the biggest Tamil rock band since the 90s and the only rock band to capture the attention of listeners from different ethnicities in Malaysia, Kashmir Stone is a household name. If you are a rock fan, then phrases such as Malaysia Makkal Ellame and Nandu Kathey should have been imprinted in your head.

So, how did Kashmir Stone get their name? During an interview in a local radio station, they mentioned that they liked the word Kashmir and one of their main musical influence during that time was Rolling Stone, so what better way than to coin these two to create Kashmir Stone.

It is a known fact that the members of Kashmir Stone had credible musicianship skills. Each member of the group can play more than one instrument and through this combined talent, they were able to belt out heart-pounding, lyrically-wise and intense songs. One example is Brahma, the lead man in Kashmir Stone. During his early years in Kashmir Stone, he played the drums but later he switched to take up the role as the lead vocalist-cum-guitarist.

During their peak of success, Kashmir Stone achieved household status through hits like Malaysia Makkal, KL City Kulle and the slow rock Rozzana. The rock band has several albums under their belt, namely 80s Rock Remix, Mangga Thoppu and Dhalapathy Kavasam. Tracks such as Rozzana not only captured the hearts of Malaysian Indians but also the Malay listeners, making Kashmir Stone one of the well-liked rock bands by the Malaysian rock enthusiasts. Besides, Malaysia Makkal, a track which explored Malaysia’s history and its multicultural setting, it was one of the most played tracks in radio during that time.

Although, Kashmir Stone achieved a cult-like following in Malaysia, the band eventually disbanded. Frontman, Brahma joined another rock band, known as Rajhula in 2008 and by the end of the year, he left. Not much has been heard about Brahma and Kashmir Stone in the past five years and this is a good surprise for all rock enthusiasts. Kashmir Stone’s return is certainly most welcoming and we hope the Tamil rock band will release more Malay-based songs to capture the listening pleasures of their Malay fanbase.


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