Interview with D7

d7 handsome

He goes by the name D7 and he has been making waves coast to coast with his music outfit – S.L.Y Squad. Undeniably, one of the most talented and popular artist in the current Malaysian Tamil music scene, D7 has carved a household name.

In June 16 2012, S.L.Y Squad released their debut music album titled Ithu Chumma Trailer, little did they know that the album would immediately launch their careers in music. One of the most notable member in the group, D7 mesmerized his audience with his vocal skills.

A year and half has passed since Ithu Chumma Trailer and a lot of has happened since then. Within this short span, D7 had undergone a surgery which threatened his music career and bounced back to perform with Anirudh in the recent IMS.

Therefore, we caught up with D7 as he tells us how his career and music has been shaping up so far.

When did you first start singing?

d7 boyInitially, I was a bathroom singer, since I was a child, in fact until now! But my first experience in singing was in 1998, when I sang Pachai Kiligal. It was my first stage appearance and first ever experience as I sang in front of nearly 350 people. This was during my primary school talent search contest and I won 2nd place out of 54 contestants (mixed students).

Who are your musical inspirations?

rahmanMy musical inspiration – the one and only A.R Rahman sir and my machans at S.L.Y Squad, also Shane X’treme, Bigsyze, Boy Radge and Chingy.

SLY picNot forgetting, Eminem, whose struggles inspired me when I first entered the music scene.

After the success of SLY Squad’s first album, you’ve been busy with many performances, which performance has been your most memorable?

d7 anirudhAll of my performances which I have performed so far are very special and memorable to me in its own way. These performances give me a chance to get to know other musicians and also the beautiful music lovers. Nevertheless, the most memorable performance for me compared to the rest is Yuvan’s KLIMF and Anirudh’s IMS. Hahaha – but nothing beats our album launching though.

You’ve been working on a mixtape with your label mate Mista Carey, how is the progress?

mixtape d7Yes, the mixtape contains 7 cover tracks and 2 additional cover tracks which have been only added recently. Currently, 3 of the tracks are completed. All the tracks in the mixtape is of different genre and it also contains a special tribute track for Superstar Rajinikanth (in conjunction with his birthday and the release of Kochadhaiyan). The tribute track was supposed to be released on 12th December 2013 but got delayed due to some unavoidable problem.

I believe both Carey and I will deliver our best (as in for the underground market) and this mixtape, we hope, will definitely would be much different from any mixtapes ever released in the Malaysian Tamil underground scene. Carey and I have a good rapport and I believe my crime partner and I will make this happen!

During last year, there was a time where you had to stop singing, was that the scariest moment in your entire music career?

Indeed, it was the scariest moment in my life. For almost 2 weeks, I lost my voice and could only gently whisper during that moment. I thought I lost my voice permanently but God has been so kind to me. Since, there was an extra layer in my vocal cord, I was able to speak again although I struggled to get my voice back again. This disease that I was suffering is called Spasmodic Dysphonia.

In April last year, I went for a minor operation (laser) which went well and I was requested to take rest for the next 7 to 9 months. I have to convey my special thanks to the doctors and staffs that took care of me very well during this period. I am still undergoing treatment and check-up in a monthly basis.

d7 singingFrom a career-wise, I had to deny most of the opportunities in front of me – both local and international, which could see me working with few of the ‘major’ names in the music industry. However, I am really excited to be back in the scene and I would like convey my gratitude to all of my friends (I don’t like to address them as fans because I would always like to see them as my friends) and family members who have been so supportive and prayed for me a lot during this period. I owe you guys always.

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

d7 footballMost probably anything related to football, without any doubt. I would have settled in England or Italy to resume my football career. The only reason I stopped playing field football is because I met in a terrible accident few years ago.

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

sly fuyooFor sure Dirty South, my all-time favourite!

What genre of music that you can’t stand listening?

D7 with Yuvan Shankar Raja during KLIMF
D7 with Yuvan Shankar Raja during KLIMF

There is no such as music is universal for me. I’ll be deeply involved with any kind of music – no matter how it sounds. Music is my girlfriend, I would say!

Do you play any instruments?

d7 pianoNo, I don’t, in fact I don’t even have any musical background. However, I can compose a melody by my own with proper guidance from the composers whom I have worked with. However, I do wish to learn and currently piano is on top of my list.

What is currently on your playlist?

Now and always – A.R Rahman’s sir hit collections from 1992 up to now.

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I have more than 14 pending featuring tracks. Also, I am currently working on 3 international collaborations line-up. I am also presently working on my 2nd album with S.L.Y Squad which will be released this year.

I have so far featured in 6 singles that have been released.

What is your favourite colour?

aim malaysia

Black and white, all-time favourite combination!

So, there you go – a short interview with the one and only D7! A big thank you for allowing us to conduct this interview and we wish him the best in his music career!

You can follow D7 in his music journey through the links below:



  1. All the very best saresh !! 🙂 ur songs are all super good ..thru al the obstacles u went thru, u seriously deserve this success …keep up ur good job as alwayz (y) .. Wishing al the very best for the whole sly squad team ! 🙂


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