Arjun bags contract with T-Series

arjun pic

It is a well-known fact that record companies often sign independent YouTube sensations to their record label. The latest of such news is the signing of UK-based Indian singer and songwriter, Arjun with T-Series.

Arjun contract

According to Arjun, the deal will see T-Series release two albums of Arjun – a Hindi remix album and an R&B/pop album. Before Arjun became a YouTube sensation with his English version of Why This Kolaveri, Arjun was making his own music. Having released four singles, the soulful singer was creating a buzz through his charming looks and organic yet contemporary sound palette.

After his English version of Why This Kolaveri racked 3 millions within a month, the London-based singer carved his own cult following worldwide. He has gone to cover popular Bollywood tracks with his own twist and the result – almost 9 of his YouTube videos have crossed the million views mark!

Arjun’s deal with T-Series is a win-win situation as Arjun finally gets his big break in the giant Indian market. Coupled with the backing from one of India’s leading music label, Arjun will most likely have increased exposure to the Indian market. As for T-Series, the Indian-based music label will have the opportunity to woo new audience, particularly the British Asian community.

The eclectic blend of eastern and western sound of Arjun will surely capture many hearts as he makes his way into the Indian market. According to Neeraj Kalyan, president of T-Series, he mentioned that “The paradigm shift in the way the music is consumed or promoted nowadays with major focus being digital medium, Arjun’s style of music will certainly appeal to the young audiences globally who are the biggest music consumers online.” Neeraj Kalyan also added that both the albums will be released this year.

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This is indeed a big year for Arjun, or real name Arjun Coomaraswamy. Having found his footing through social media, the UK-based star is without a doubt grateful to his fans worldwide. Arjun’s nature of success highlights the power of social media. Nonetheless, much of Arjun work started way beyond his viral videos. In 2012, he won the ‘Best Urban Act’ at the Asian Music Awards.

With Arjun’s knack for seamlessly fusing eastern and western sound, without a doubt, we are about to experience one of the most eclectic and mind-blowing album.

Arjun athelete

Arjun concluded his signing with T-Series that: “I’m very grateful for this opportunity to take my music to the next level. T-Series is a formidable company and their vision aligns very well with mine. I’m excited for everyone to hear all the music I’ve been working on behind the scenes. Big thank you to my fans who have enabled this to happen through their hard work and support. It’s been a team effort.”



    • Sorry didn’t get to finish dat one arjun you could read this I love your song take it back and usually listen to white songs but I also love same girl. First well like third favorite brown-white song!!!:)


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