Dasamahavidhya – the Shakti within

A bilingual (Tamil/ English) theater dance production, Dasamahavidhya is set to be performed at the Experimental Theater University of Malaysia on the 15th and 16th March 2014 at 8pm. Presented by Shrad Charity, Agenda Suria Communication and Asthana Arts, Dasamahavidhya is an artistic direction by Rey Mooventhiran.

DMV feat2Central to the play is the theme of feminine energy which is often seen as outcast, a sex symbol and a weak embodiment. However, this is not the case as a woman is not someone that anyone can mess with. As mentioned in Dasamahavidhya’s description ‘a woman is the full circle – within her is the power to create, nurture, transform and destroy.’

Dasamahavidhya will focus on the story of 10 women – a single mother, a courageous lady, a teacher, an artist, a savior, the dutiful one, a rape victim, an entrepreneur, the street dweller and a lawyer. The play intends to highlight the Shakti which is found in each woman, a woman that we pass by daily in our lives.

We are absolutely impressed by the work of the people behind this production. Check out the description as follows:

DasamahavidhyaShe is Kali – black, red intoxication eyes, in absolute rage, dishevelled hair, a skirt made of human arms and a garland of human heads, she is the eternity of time, detach from body consciousness, she vanquishes the asura.

She is Tara – blue, with a tiger-skin skirt, blood oozes from her mouth, she invokes the chakras, the savior star that is silent, yet she is the primordial sound as she wades through the mind and soul of onlooker.

She is Thirupurasundari – she holds the five arrows of flowers, a noose, a goad and sugarcane as a bow, with third eye on her forehead, beautiful in all three worlds, to move beyond the perception of form into the delightful union of seen and seer.

She is Bhuvaneshwari – the earliest forms of Shakti, queen of all living being, who let the fullness of inner space, merge with the cosmic womb of outer space, with the divine mother.

She is Bhairavi – in battlefield, her horrible appearance made the demons become weak and feeble. She stands for truth; destroy all impediments to spiritual growth, by burning them in the fire of asceticism.

She is Chinnamasta – The hibiscus red , a blue lotus near her heart, wearing a serpent as a sacred thread, holding a khatri and her head by which she decapitated herself, 3 streams of blood string one enters her own mouth, Dakini and Varnini, she liberates desire for the sensory input cutting off source of movement of mind , reaching deep Samadhi.

She is Dhumavati – Fierce, she rides a crow and holds a trident, carries the buffalo-horn of Yama, the god of death, symbolizing her association with inauspicious, to let the unreal become obscured by the smoke of suffering, revealing the hidden potential behind pain, ugliness and old age.

She is Bagalamukhi –golden complexion in yellow alangaram, a crescent moon adorns her head, the power truth and paralyses the enemy within the maaya, silencing confusion and doubt.

She is Matangi – young, as green in colour, The crescent moon adorns her forehead, three eyes and a smiling face , slim waist , a garland of kadamba flowers adorns her, she represents the 64 arts, she who speak truth, teach truth, sing of truth, paint truth.

She is Kamala – golden complexion, She is seated in padmasana on a lotus symbol of purity. To share wealth, beauty and enjoyment in order to obey the magic law of karma, thus providing a peaceful background.

Revathy Bawadass Kumar, Sangeetha Krishnasamy, Ratna Gowre Sarna, Kristina Vinokree, Swashna Moksha, Nitia Shree, Madam Suriah Ramiah, Nazira Ibrahim, Rathikadewi, Devi Letchumanan, Suvathi Jaya Kumar, Indrani Elil (Shakti), Aahmu Thirunayanam (Bhuvaneswari), Aswini Jayabalan (Bhairavi), Jamuna Rani (Matangi), Delani (Tripurasundari), Paviteran Raj (Chinnamasta), Divwya Nair (Bagalamukhi ), Sugitha Nadarajah (Dhumavathi), Vickneswary Gunasegaran (Kamala) Kannan Rajamanickam(Kali) and Thinesh Rajaindren (Tara) with Mohana Raj, Panner Selva Ganajoo, Rathipriyah, Ritta

Guruvayur Usha Ramachandran, Rithaudeen Abdul Kadir, Lex Lakhsman, Ravi Shanker, Rey Mooventhiran, Paviteranraj, Shirley Leong, Nanthakumar Maran, Surya

Nantha Kumar Maran, Surya, Putra Abdul Rahman, Saran Kumar, Saranyan, Ahniel Raj, Azmi Sabaruddin, Elango, Nashvin Ash and Esva Kanna

For further information/invitations
016 2939 175 / 012 6966 407 
www.asthanaarts.com / Facebook – Asthana Arts Kuala Lumpur


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