Tactmatic – Letter to My 16 Year Old Self feat Sayla & Kraft

High Society MixtapeOur featured track this week is Letter to My 16 Year Old Self by Tactmatic featuring Sayla and Kraft. While the title of the track is self-explanatory, all three rap artists bring this song to a whole new level with their lyrical wizardry. Penning their own verses, this retrospective song will immediately capture the attention of the listener’s ears due to the honesty found on this track.

The background beat and seemingly beautiful melody is the backbone of the track as it provides the song with a reflective, yet powerful atmosphere. With teenage years always resulting in conflicts related to power struggle between parents, romantic interests and internal struggles, the lyrical dexterity of these rap artists bring these issues to surface in a matured and profound manner. Clearly, Letter to my 16 Year Old Self is a track written on a personal level and probably the first real song we’ve listened to after so long.

Tactmatic, Sayla and Kraft express their personal experiences in the track, describing moments which have made an impact on their teenage lives. Each verse explores varied themes, ranging from understanding yourself, anger issues and standing on your own feet, all related to each of the emcee’s life. The minimalist tune in the song also allows the concise lyrical mastery to flow through and capture your attention.

Letter to my 16 Year Old Self is a track featured in Tactmatic’s High Society mixtape, which was nominated in the first ever MY Hip Hop Awards under the Best Album/ Mixtape category. Tactmatic took home the Best Solo Artist award, which is only fitting for this inspiring rap artist who has been elevating the Malaysian hip hop scene with his music for many years now.


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