Exploring Dasamahavidhya!

Dasamahavidhya – Divinity | Dynamic | Destruction – the Shakti within, has been generating a lot of attention in social media. Presented by Shrad Charity, Agenda Suria Communication and Asthana Arts, Dasamahavidhya explores the lives of 10 women, who come from a diverse background. The play intends to highlight the Shakthi (force) within a woman as she has the power to create, nurture, transform and destroy. 

Prior to this play, we had no idea what Dasamahavidhya means, thus a little research helped us to understand more about this. If you are lost just like we are, then here is a little information that might help you get the big picture:

Dasamahavidhya featuredMahavidyas mean great wisdoms, thus Dasa-Mahavidhyas are a group of ten aspects of the Divine Mother Durga or Kali herself or Devi in Hinduism.

According to Kinsley (1987), the 10 Mahavidhyas are Wisdom Goddesses, who represent a spectrum of feminine divinity, from horrific goddesses at one end, to the gentle at the other. Astrology.com.au also mentions that these Goddesses represent the cycle of time and life and the cosmic energies which ebb and flow through our lives and the cosmos. Check out the depictions of the mahavidhyas by Asthana Arts for their upcoming play –

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“These ten energies contain all wisdom, all potential – past present and future. Cosmic graphical representation of each of these Powerful Goddesses or Powers of Nature are called Yantras or mystic designs. Each is unique in its Shakti (force) and is capable of bestowing its inherent Power on those who meditate and focus on the representative designs. By meditating on the ten Goddesses or their geometric shapes, it is said that each Goddess blesses the worshipper with her gifts as per Her Energy.”

DMV feat2Don’t miss Dasamahavidhya – happening on the 15th and 16th March at 8pm in the Experimental Theater University of Malaysia

For further information contact 016 2939 175 or 012 6966 407.

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