MyHipHopFuture talks to Thamizh Roots

MyHHMyHipHop Tamil Chapter is set to cause a stir in the Malaysian hip hop scene. Hip Hop has always been a tool to spread peace, harmony and unity and the Malaysian Tamil Hip Hop artists are proving it as they join hands together for a noble cause at Shree Ragavendra Home come this 22 February 2014. 

Using their mic skills and artistic expressions, over 40 Tamil hip hop artists set to entertain you from 5 to 10pm. With all proceeds going for Shree Raghavendra Home in Johor Bahru, this is one of the biggest independent concerts ever to be held in Malaysia.

MYHH3Malaysia, often touted as the capital of Tamil hip hop, this justifies the position of hip hop culture and Tamil rap music  in its capital. We had to catch up with the guys behind this. Therefore, check out their short interview with us about MyHipHop Tamil Chapter!

This is the biggest Malaysian Tamil hip hop concert ever – 40 over acts! How did you guys manage to convince all of them? MYHH2We explained to each artist the core reasons why we are doing this show, the good cause behind it. The artists involved knew this is about to make history and also, it unites the present Tamil hip hop artists in Malaysia.

Who are the organizers behind MyHipHopFuture – Tamil Chapter? 

The organizer behind this is PREMIER DJ ACADEMY

How has the response been so far? 

Initially, it was slow due to the less of awareness about this concert. However, now it is OVERWHELMING!

The MYHipHopFuture Tamil Chapter is for a noble cause – but why Shree Ragavendra Home?

From the research done, we found out that Shree Ragavendra Home really needs support. The place surely needs a revamp. The things inside the home are very old and the numbers of beds for the school kids are very less. Also, the safety of the kids is disturbed. The home requires CCTV for more control of the environment. Based on all these, we knew we had to do something for Shree Ragavendra Home.

The MyHipHopFuture concert video has been phenomenal, who was the brains behind it? 

The brain behind it was DJ Mastermind. Art and cinematography by the award-winning Candyman. The awesome music is by De’Chefz, together with the stunning and atmospheric vocals by Arvindraj and Precious. 

What has been the most easiest and difficult aspect in organizing this concert? 

Nothing was easy. Everything was challenging. I think the most difficult aspect in organizing this concert is gathering all the artists, certainly the toughest.

What are you goals for this concert? 

Our goals for this concert are unity, awareness of hip hop and elevating local acts to a higher stage.

In another interview, both Rabbit.mac and Balan Kashmir said this will be an ongoing event, are guys planning a similar event in the following year? 

No bro, we are not going to do this concert the following year but at the END of THIS YEAR! Do watch this space!

Anything you’d like to add about MyHipHopFuture Tamil Chapter?

It’s totally an independent organization behind this. We truly need the public support. Oh yea, trust me on this, you’ll never be able to watch more than 40 Tamil Hip Hop artists for only RM25, all in one stage! 

MyHipHopFuture Tamil Chapter – make sure you make it for this awesome concert featuring an array of talented and popular Tamil artists. Tickets are priced at RM25! Come let’s make it happen for Shree Raghavendra Home! 22 Feb – Jubli Intan Hall, JB!

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