Srinath's Y.O.L.O

Sri Lankan Tamil artist, Srinath has finally revealed his latest project – Y.O.L.O, a resounding music video which highlights our daily struggles to reach our dreams. Y.O.L.O, a popular acronym which first emerged in the social media landscape, brings the meaning You Only Live Once and it is thoroughly explored by Srinath in this video.

Srinath, which last solo release can be dated back 3 years ago with Miss You is certainly back with a bang with Y.O.L.O. The personal-feel track highlights Srinath’s struggles, importance of understanding yourself, his loving relationship with his parents and spirituality.

The music video starts with a tribute to Guru Achary, a passionate filmmaker who passed away battling brain tumour on January 4th, 2014. Followed by images of a Hindu temple, Srinath emphasizes the role of God in his struggles by further highlighting his prayers and talks with a sage which is present throughout the music video.

The most profound aspect in the music video is the bridge where Srinath is seen giving advice to young children. Srinath nails it with the lines “If you want to kill someone, kill your ego”. He goes one step further with the line “There is no reason for us to compete with each other in life, we have different shoes and our journey seems completely different. The only place I battle is within my mind…”, with an industry always tending to compare each other’s creativity and output, Srinath’s message comes in the right time.

Y.O.L.O might sound cheesy in its title and it might have taken Srinath some years to find his footing but one thing for certain is the video beautifully foregrounds and stresses the powerful lyrics of the song, giving Y.O.L.O a personal feel. His unconditional love and appreciation for his parents, his devotion to God – certainly shows a different side of Srinath.

Y.O.L.O is presented by Juna Pictures.

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  1. Mesmerizing, performance touched my Heart. Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth. The universe is ready for you. You are a being of infinite possibilities!


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