Scoobee Swahraam covers Uyirin Uyire (Khaka Khaka)

Scoobee Swahraam, the latest addition in the Tamil rock scene released their cover track of Uyirin Uyire with a rock twist. Sounding crispy and just right, coupled with heavy riffs, a fast-paced melody and growling vocals, this cover is simply awesome! Scoobee Swahraam is certainly the Tamil rock band to look out for!scoobee 1 TR 500 x 500 TRACKContinue reading if you want to know more about Scoobee Swahraam – a unique rock band with experienced and talented musicians heading the band. Formed in 21 September 2013, the band consists of experienced guitars Lawrence Soosai, bassist Jai Kanth Muthiah, Jibrail on vocals, Prithivi Samuel on keyboards and drums by Demes. 

Scoobee Swahraam describes their music as a unique blend of rock, progressive rock and metal with a Tamil sound. The key behind the band is mutual respect and understanding of each member in their musical knowledge.

Jai, Lawrence and Prithivi was previously from a band called The Carbolics. They have released an album under Warner Music Malaysia. Meanwhile, Jibrail was previously from the band Rajhula, who was responsible for the hit single Kann Theduthey.

How did the band get the name Scoobee Swahraam? Well, Scoobee is their favourite cartoon character, while Swahraam is the music they deliver.


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