SE Boyz rhymes with Penne Nee Yaar

Montreal’s SE Boyz latest video – Penne Nee Yaar is awesomely elegant yet impressive. With a white and black backdrop used interchangeably, the music video sees the entire SE Boyz rocking along with their latest tune.

Categorized as Tamil RnB, Penne Nee Yaar is certainly one of the best products coming from this Canadian-based music outfit. The upbeat Tamil track is produced by Jegan T, who has been working closely with SE Boyz for several years now. Penne Nee Yaar is a track from SE Boyz’ debut album – Good Morning – A Musical Journey.

Se Boyz

Alongside SE Boyz, the music video also features two talented Canadian dancers – Jesi Sadayar J and Thivakar Arunthavarajah from the dance group – Checkmate. The animated dancers are popular for their involvement in numerous university shows and they have also represented Team Canada in Aadukalam, a global Tamil dance competition.

The music video is directed, filmed and edited by San Pro Media, who did justice to the melodious yet uptempo music. We are loving the concept behind this music video and it’s apt blend with the music.

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