Interview with Vicanes Jay and Karthik Shamalan

vicanes jayOver the past few months, we’ve been hearing much about Vicanes Jay. An aspiring singer whose latest track Adiye Kirukki has been drawing much attention. The young singer recently worked with talented director Karthik Shamalan for his latest music video. Conceptualized and directed by Karthik Shamalan, they recently revealed the music video poster.

adiye kirukki1

With much interest generating, we’ve decided to catch up with both Vicanes Jay and Karthik Shamalan for a short interview about the music video. Therefore, here you go!

Thamizh Roots: How long the shooting process was and how many days did you spend?

Karthik Shamalan: The entire shooting process took 3 months, but it was done in stages. If we are looking at the amount days spent shooting, it will be around 5 days in total.

Vicanes Jay: The reason why it took 3 months was I needed to change my appearance according to the character. Among the things I had to do was to grow my facial hair to a certain length and also lose weight. Initially, it was challenging as I am an accountant by profession. Since, I am working in the corporate world – there is a need to constantly look prim and proper. Luckily, my boss allowed me to keep my facial hair for four months. Besides that, I lost around 10 kilos during the period of shoot.   

TR: How has the video conceptualization been? Can we expect something out-of-the-box?

KS: The video was conceptualized by me Well, it’s not something out of the box, rather a forgotten box. Something which was done years back but we have forgotten about it now! So, in a way, it’s something old but with a refreshing look.

VJ: Also, the shot was done in Port Dickson, Lumut, Batu Gajah – Kinta Valley Kampung.

TR: How many people (cast) are involved in this video?

VJ: In total, there were 7 people involved in the music video, but only 5 play a main role. I don’t want to reveal further and spoil the cast list. Please check out when the video releases, it’s coming very near!  

This question is for Karthik Shamalan – after creating a trailblazer like MTK – have you started working on your next project?


KS: Yes, I just released my #SSL first look which you area aware of. Well, we are keeping our lips sealed for now. On Monday, we will be releasing the full cast and crew.  

This question is for Vicanes Jay – you first came to surface through Arabu Kuthirai, then you’ve been quiet, how has the support been with your comeback?

VJ: After Arabu Kuthirai, I did feature in some tracks. However, after that I was on a hiatus as Adiye Kirukki was a 3-years project, it took such a long time to complete because I was studying at Uniten in Pahang during the initial stages of the project. I was committed but I was caught with my studies. Also, I had to commute from Pahang to KL occasionally.

It was only after completing my studies that I managed to finish the project. The song was released last year July and it was on radio airwaves – both THR Raaga and Minnal FM. 


Adiye Kirukki was also on THR Raaga Malaysian Top Ten Chart for close to 6 months. Although many asked for the audio release, I decided to wait for the completion of the video and now, it’s close to done.

There were many ups and downs in this project, but thank God I’ve survived them all! On the support that I’ve been receiving – it is tremendous! People still remember my song Arabu Kuthirai for the movie Thandava and also my other singles. Thank you very much for everyone who’ve been supporting and encouraging me.

TR: There is so much news going on about Adiye Kirukki, when are you planning to release the video?

VJ: We will be releasing it this February and an official date will be announced this Monday.

TR: For KS – one advice for newcomers?

KS: My advice is simple, keep exploring and keep learning. Most importantly, do more short films. 

 TR: Vicanes Jay, one thing you would like to add?

VJ: One thing I would like to add is thanks! My sincere thanks to the Almighty, my mother and father, my family and ultimately, my friends. Without these people, I wouldn’t be able to release Adiye Kirukki! Thanks to Karthik Shamalan for pushing me to be a better performer! Thanks to Shane X’treme, for his time, effort and his incomparable music! Thanks to Maney for guiding me and penning the lyrics! Thanks to Chaarumathe for your beautiful humming. Also, thanks to you Thamizh Roots for sharing my work.

Hope all of you enjoyed this brief interview with both Vicanes Jay and Karthik Shamalan! Thamizh Roots would like to thank both Vicanes Jay and Karthik Shamalan for taking time for this interview!

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