Susheela Raman’s exotic Sharabi

Susheela Raman has unveiled her latest single – Sharabi (Alcoholic) from her new album –Queen Between, which is all set to be released in March 10, 2014. Sharabi is a fusion track which sees Susheela Raman combining her trance-like vocals with Pakistani qawwali singer Rizwan Muazzam. Drawing inspirations on Sufi and Hindu roots, Sharabi is likely to place you in a psychedelic and meditative state.

Information about Queen Between  

Built on her natural songwriting talents and drawing on sufi and hindu song traditions acquired during her travels in India and Pakistan, the English singer of Indian origin Susheela Raman’s new album is both highly energetic and physical yet meditative, often approaching a state of ecstatic trance. Acoustic and recorded as live Queen Between reveals an organic, open almost psychedelic style. In addition to her London-based long-time producer/ guitarist Sam Mills, Susheela is joined by two Rajasthani musicians for this project. Also by renowned guests the French cellist Vincent Segal and Pakistani qawwali singers Rizwan Muazzam.

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