Candyman has a new video out!

Candyman has released another short experimental video. Titled Funeral, the visual experiment highlights the destruction of forests for the development of construction work. A film close to Candy’s heart, he mentions in the prelude, “I visited the place, I could smell the burned wood, the destruction which was done permanently. I felt as though I was attending the funeral of the forest and therefore decided to make a video.” 

When contacted Candy Factory Studios, they mentioned that they underwent a lot of obstacles during the shoot. The slow burning of the woods combined with the hot weather was against them. Additionally, a security police who noticed them filming attempted to chase them away as construction was ongoing.

A highly reflective experiment, the video utilizes a mirror effect which gives out an eerie feel of demise. The faded visuals. together with the music intensifies the ambience of the video. Building strong emotions through his visuals, Candyman’s work implicitly highlights how Malaysia, once famous for its rainforests is turning into a concrete jungle.

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