RUN C.H.E’s Oorukaran

Big Vitz and Tony J who form the Tamil hip hop duo – Run C.H.E has released their latest track Oorukaran. The heavy rap track explores the discrimination faced by Tamils from India which is often labeled as oorukaran, which brings a negative connotation.

They also made reference to another highly emotive word – keling to highlight the discrimination faced by Indians. Run C.H.E goes on to mention that every time they head to Singapore, they are given such labels. Throughout the track, Run C.H.E raps how Tamils from India tend to be looked down due to their origin. To combat this remark, they go on to mention that Raja Raja Chola, one of the greatest emperors of India,  is from Tamilnadu.

The track explores and highlights the duo’s personal experience. With hip hop being a tool for unity and peace, this message comes across as a reminder that we should be united, regardless of our origin. Tamil is the only thing which brings together and Run C.H.E attempts to highlight this.


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