Interview with Yaamini

yaamini7A former national karate champion with a blazing history, G. Yaamini is the name to behold. Moving from the sports arena to the entertainment world with her upcoming films – a telemovie titled Yaamini and a feature film – Victory, G. Yaamini is certainly having a change of fortune.

G. Yaamini first joined the national squad in 2003 and competed in the below 61 kg kumite category. Since then, the karate exponent has won two consecutive gold medals at the Asian Championships in Macau (2005) and Nilai (2007). G. Yaamini also bagged silver in Guangzhou for the last Asian Games in 2010 and also a bronze in Doha (2006).

Yaamini1Having retired from the national team in 2013, the former athlete has been busy coaching, handling her business and now, trying to her luck in the entertainment world.

We at Thamizh Roots had to catch up with her! Therefore, without further ado – check out our interview with the beautiful G. Yaamini!

I’d like to start by saying a big thank you for doing the interview. You have a very rich karate heritage with the national squad. Can you tell us a little about your karate beginnings?

Yaamini2Actually, I started karate when I was at school as karate was included in the school co-curriculum. Initially, it was it was to keep myself fit and to learn some form of self-defense. Later on, it grew to become a passion and I craved to achieve success in this sport. My coach was my biggest inspiration.

You were part of the national squad. What has been your sweetest or fondest memory in your karate career?

yaamini6In my earlier days, one of my sweetest memory was winning over an Asian Champion (S.Premila) in the National Championship which took me into the National Team, that was something unforgettable. Later as a National Athlete, winning the Asian Championship title was one of the greatest moment. Besides that, being the 1st Malaysian female to go up to the Semi Final of the prestigious World Championship was indeed another fondest moment in my career. 

If not mistaken, your coach is P.Arivalagan – what would you say was the most important thing Sensei P. Arivalagan has instilled in you as his student? 

P ArivalaganYes, of course Sensei P.Arivalagan was the one and the only reason behind all my success. He was my mentor, coach and role model.  He took me under his wings as an ordinary person, molded me into not only a very successful sports women, but also a successful person in life.  He had taught everything about hard work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice in a perfect way.

After leaving karate, you’ve joined the entertainment world with your self-titled telemovie – Yaamini and also a movie, Victory. How is the entertainment world different for you than being a national karate exponent? 

Yaamini3Well as a National Karate exponent, it’s all about waking up early – doing gym, running, strenuous exercises and physical combat, which was our regular routine. It was a very monotonous activity for 15 years of my athletic career.  Handling tremendous amount of pressure and delivery what was expected of me was the ultimate. While in the entertainment industry, it is a totally different atmosphere. Very relaxing moments, a lot of fun, laughter and meeting many different people are part of this industry. When I was an athlete, I only cared about my training, my physical activity, diet, recovery, competition and finally what the coach has to say. However now, my days are about how I look, how I speak, how I carry myself and how do I act. It is kind of fun and very different.

Was venturing into acting something that you always wanted to do?  

yaamini4Movie and acting never cross my mind during the time  I was in the National Team, course I was fully focused on Karate and Karate only. But as I retired, this opportunity came by and I decided to grab it.  I may have had this liking for acting and movie, but never really went for it before.

How has the reception been for Victory?

yaamini with kavithaVictory was a good start for me as it evolves around what I was good at, Karate. So it was not too different for me to do what I was always doing in karate. The only difference was, doing it in front of the camera.  Almost half of the people who featured in this movie were my Karate mates, and that made it so comfortable for me. Nevertheless, I had to do homework to perform a love song dance in Victory. I am glad that the director liked it and it turned out well!

Besides karate, do you practice other martial arts or disciplines (e.g. yoga)? 


Can we expect another movie from you after Victory? 

yaamini5Yes of course, should a good movie offer come by, I will surely take it. In fact, Yaamini (telemovie) is my second attempt in the movie industry. Release of this two movie, I shall let the industry determine my performance and future endevour.

What is your favourite (only one answer): 

million dollar baby

  • Animal: dog
  • Movie: Million Dollar Baby
  • Book: The Secret 

One thing you would like to tell to everyone who is reading this? 

victory movieVictory is a sports-based movie, it shows the commitment, dedication, sacrifice of a sports person does to make his or her country proud. This is a first of its kind. The producer, director and the entire team had given the best.  Victory features real events and real people performing their roles and therefore its unique. Give Victory your support, and we shall shall help take this industry to the next level.

Our sincere thanks to Yaamini! Thank you very much for letting us do this interview and we would like to wish you the best for your upcoming projects! Hope we will be able to see more of you in the near future!

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