If guys drink, it’s bad for health. If girls drink, it’s bad for culture

Source: banksguide.wordress.com

The Indian pattern of thinking concerning females is that girls should adhere to a set of don’ts. Among others, the don’ts include no drinking, smoking and get laid before marriage.

Those rules are tacit – no one ever tells girls to stay away from liquour, fags and sex before marriage. And, those don’ts become absolutely righteous and even natural when guys do it.

Ambelengge senja aarokiyathukku kedu, pombelengge senja samuthaya keda?

Before some of you accuse me of encouraging Indian girls to be with the bottle and puff money away, let me make my stand clear:

Alcohol and nicotine knows no gender; they kill whomever indulge in them, be it male or female. So, kudika kudathu na kudika kudathu than. DOT.

Source: funnyindianpicza.blogspot.com
Source: funnyindianpicza.blogspot.com

What I’m irked about is, if a girl drinks or smokes some Indians are quick to brand the girl immoral and a slut and these are euphemism. I have heard worse. Drinking doesn’t make a girl a harlot like how drinking does not make a guy a faggot. Oxymoron in every sense of context.

The say that that girl is not marriage material because she is ‘social’ (meaning that she drinks or smokes or mingles with the opposite sex) is scathing, to say the least. Some would go out of their way to quell possible suitors or a lover by saying that girl is ‘characterless’ or ‘not from a good family’. Matthevengge ode kudi eh kedeke nenekiringgele, neenge from nalla family dhan.

One’s character and worth can never be gauged by their quirk of drinking or smoking, both for men and women. My dad was a heavy smoker and he never shirked his responsibilities and despite seeing our father smoke his death, my brother never smoked. I tried smoking when I was 13 so I’m a prostitute.

Way to go, logic.

Beer adikere ponnu keatave illeh, illuthu potthukittu pore ponnu nallave ille.

Written by Hema Shree


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