#PrayForHopeMH370 by Arul & Jay

The entire week has been a standstill in Malaysia with the missing airliner – MH370. With 239 lives on board, every Malaysian’s thoughts were on MH370 and its safe return. At Thamizh Roots, we stopped all publication for an entire week to focus our attention on the missing airplane.

With some little development highlighting that the plane might be hijacked instead of crashing, it gives us some glimmer of hope that all 239 passengers are still alive somewhere. Music has always been known for its healing factor and both Arul and Jay seem to brilliantly do this with their hope song – #PrayForMH370. Composed by award-winning composer Jay and written by Arul, students from Odyssey Vocal and Music Training Centre also provided the additional vocals. Kumanan and Nagen were responsible for the video cuts.

The track was beautifully written which immediately captures our attention. The opening line “Colourful birds that expand your wings to fly, Tell us if you see our flight in the sky” just shows its lyrical prowess.


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