Thilagavathy Sinnamah


Assalamualaikum n Vaalga Valamudhan.

Thilagavathy Sinnamah ( I don’t have any blood ties) is the wonderful and good soul who gave me a home and looked after me in 1966 n 1967 till I finished my Senior Cambridge. I have earlier posted about how she was God sent and I was saved from joining wrong company and without her love n care I might have become a gangster at that vulnerable age.

She passed away on 4th November 2006 at 6.43am in Ipoh. Today, is the 7th year since she left this world. Every year since her death I make it a point to feed the poor and the youngest in the family my Thambi Asokan Kandiah will take care of this n diligently carry out this responsibility without fail on my behalf. God bless you and your family Asoka.

Sinnamah you have been a shining example of love/care/passion/undivided love/firmness n hard work.

Will not forget how you will chase n hurry me up to go for Friday prayers during school holidays when I will go back to sleep after breakfast. I grew up in a Hindu household but you always stressed the importance of Islam to me and that I should not do anything contrary to the religion.

We all love you Sinnamah.

I try not to cry but tears are rolling down n I have no control bcos you are blessing all your children Thilagalavanian (Thila), Thinakaran (Thina who left this world many years before you), Ambika, Uma and of course the favourite of favourites Thambi Asokan, and of course your naughty eldest fellow. Yours faithfully ME.

Thousands of people will be saying prayer for you on this day 4th November when you left all of us and went back to the creator.

We love you ma.


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