Malaysia Isai Araiyal

The very first thing you need to understand is that the music business is no longer what if it was in the nineties or even five years ago. Many blame it on piracy and some on technology (internet). Are there not any reasonable amount of dope tracks that we relate to our lives to beat piracy and internet? There is. Why is the business declining then? Simple reason. The purchase power is drastically declining.


Physical and online business is hobbled by recession and declining CD revenue. By the time consumers lay their hands on the physical CD, the album is already available online. P2P is another reason to be heavily considered alongside online streaming.


Our business models are not competing for the consumer hearts, minds and wallet.

There is an intense immediate need for a perfect storm. We are still lacking the right vision and the right attitude.Remember ; the demand for music and output is so high that if you stop, people will assume the worst, move on and forget about you.

Reset your mentality and wake up.


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