Kudos Muthu Kumaran

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With his destiny foreordained for a mark in the entertainment industry, Muthu Kumaran, or fondly known as MK, begun his career at the tender age of 10 under the guidance of his equally talented sister Datin Seri Manimala. His accomplishments exceeded the expectations of many at that tender age but it turned out to be a mere shadow of what he is capable of doing today.

MK became a household name with the help of Baba’s & U, a popular show on a local television station, and catapulted him to fame. Apart from being a host, his versatility can be seen in many other forms. Having made his mark in the entertainment industry, MK is a favorite to be called to perform at national level celebrations in Malaysia. Upon establishing himself as an artist, MK set upon a journey in acquiring the art of production.

His efforts transpired into being the brainchild behind Ore Malaysia, a Tamil song that has been widely accepted by people of all races, despite the language barrier. Ore Malaysia was awarded the Key Unity Award at the annual VIMA (Voice of Independent Music Awards) 2010. Till date, the song is popularly played on local radio stations, especially to commemorate National Day. This triumph propelled MK into spreading his influence worldwide.

His immense passion for performing and acting augmented in 2007 and 2008 when he played a prominent role in the prestigious and highly acclaimed P. Ramlee The Musical, which left an undying impression on sold-out audiences in both Malaysia and Singapore. MK also played one of the key roles in Aanava Aatam, an art film produced in Malaysia in 2009. Following that success, MK was offered to play the role of a flamboyant artiste manager in the highly acclaimed Malaysian movie, Appalam in 2011. These stepping stones brought his success to the next level when he was nominated as the best newcomer of the year for Pradhana Vizha Singapore 2012, the most prestigious award that could be awarded to an artist under the Indian segment in Singapore for his role in Thee. Thee was a highly-rated drama series that was conceptualized to highlight the alarming rise in the number of domestic violence cases in Singapore.

MK’s love for performing live in ground events vividly prevails in his work. He has performed in numerous weddings and is capable of bringing a huge crowd to their feet. He uses his artistic influences to customize the songs that he performs, making them highly out of the ordinary and widely accepted by people. MK, a man who wears his influences and capabilities on his sleeves, is all set to conquer and captivate new challenges and audiences that are set in his horizon, not allowing anything to come his way.


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