Neroshen feat. Mista Carey – Naan Unnai Kaadhalithaal

Malaysia certainly has a lot of talent and Neroshen, a young upcoming music producer, proves a point with his first single – Naan Unnai Kaadhalithaal – a RnB-infused hip hop track featuring SLY Squad’s Mista Carey. Coming off from his debut independent album titled HashtagONE, Neroshen first surfaced on Thamizh Roots as one of our Rising acts.

neroshen naan unnai kadhalithaal


A eclectic single to say the least, the precise melodious piece are arranged wonderfully to evoke an urban love feel. Mista Carey’s rap vocals highlights this up-tempo number. Neroshen is certainly a producer to watch out – combined with his musical talent and vocal prowess – the Malaysian Indian entertainment landscape might have just discovered it’s latest prized asset.


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