Saralla Sai is a social worker who constantly serves the people with humility and humbleness. This story and picture captured the attention of many on the social media and here is just one inspirational act from her many.

She saw a man on the street who was thirsty in torn trousers and begging for money to the public.



She immediately stopped her car and brought this man to the shopping center purchasing him a pair of trousers, shirt, towel and soap.

She brought him to the nearest temple to allow him to have his shower and got him to wear his new clothes. She then later brought him to a nearby coffee house and asked o his family background.

1418429_656298767756300_108454628_n 702314_656299034422940_1703969013_n
Thanggavellu Veramuthu, 54 years is from Kemunteh, Pahang. It has been 4 years since he came to Kedah and eventually started begging. He has 4 children and all are marries. He can’t remember well of his past maybe due to his age.

Kudos Saralla Sai for your kindness. Truly reflects Malaysian Humility.


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