Beautiful Life by K-Town Clan

They are the pioneers of crunk in Malaysia and they have constantly pushed the boundaries of the independent music scene. Since the release of their much successful debut album – Playground, K-Town Clan has since won many awards and even competed in an international music festival – ABU Radio Song Festival in Seoul, South Korea.

Their latest music, aptly titled Beautiful Life is a celebration of life. When contacted K Town Clan’s Roshan Jamrock, he mentioned that the song was meant to remind people to stop complaining and live life to the fullest. A single on its own, K Town Clan’s power-packed lyrics and word play are much evident in Beautiful Life as they draw on numerous references.

The amazing music video which was shot in only two days features beautiful Caucasian models mimicking the crunksters. Massive props to the director, Vicram Lachumanam and the crew – D.O.P – Calvin Too, Assistant Cameraman – Vishnu, Set Managers – Avinash, Sanjay and Khisho and the talented post-production team – Editor – Selva RK, Colorist – Mahendran and VFX Supervisor – Thamizh Alagan who are based in India, for crafting a quality music video within a short span of time.

The Kajang crunksters have also started work on their second album just a week ago. With the recording booth set to get busy in the coming months, we can expect much from these trailblazers who have always worked hard to produce original and authentic music.


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