Peter Akka and Anneh

The below is an experience from my friend when he visited the Penang 2nd bridge in the wee hours of morning:

So, I was at the Penang 2nd Bridge around 4a.m just enjoying the view with another friend of mine, just two of us guys. We decided to park the car before the main span and walk the bridge and so we did it. As we were walking, there were many people, Malays, Chinese and Indians. Now the story starts, as we passed a bunch of Indian guys we were just talking in English (which is our everyday language of communication) and comparing the old and new bridge (typical Civil Engineer). These bunch of fellas decided to poke fun at us because we were speaking in English and when we ignored they started hurling nasty comments and statements. It’s exactly how Indian machas would try to pick up a random Indian girl but when she ignores they go hostile. First of all kawan, I have long hair but I’m not a girl nor is my friend. Number 2 kawan, why when the other races are there they mind their own business but you wanna disturb and pick an argument/ fight with your own race. Why can’t you just enjoy the scenery and the bridge quietly. As we walked further another bunch of fellas from across the road did the exact same thing. I just don’t understand this mentality. As we were walking back we met a Chinese guy, he is a drifter and did an awesome doughnut on the bridge, so being the normal me I decided to compliment him and the best part was we became friends and started chatting for a long time. Even the Malay guys that were there ‘salam’ with us even though we’ve never met or spoken to them before, they were all complete strangers who shared a good time with us. See macha, if you wanna make friends just come up to me and say hey bro, wazzzupp? Sudah la, mau bising2 apesal.

Senang cerita, India sama India gaduh apa bikin, India sama bangsa lain pun gaduh apa bikin, we are brothers, make friends, expand your network, enjoy life, sudah la. Sama-sama kita maju la, kan best? So, renung-renungkanlah.

This thingy is not only true to Indian guys; it’s true for Indian girls too. I spoke English in school and university and comments like, “Periya vellekaari nu nenepu.” Ivengge than Elizabeth Raani ode peethi” etc were always made within my earshot by Indian girls especially in secondary school. I went to an all girls secondary school and in Form 6, padu paavingge marubadiyum all girls school le pottutange but in the school where I did Form 6, there was no such scenario until I got to university.

I was ridiculed and branded a show off for having a good command of English and a decent vocabulary. I wasn’t spared on Facebook too – I had guys, Indian guys being caustic to me just because my English is considerably good. I was bullied for speaking English and since I’m an Indian female, it only adds more intensity. Paarra, paapa peter pesuthu, ppaaahhh!!

Why do they condemn English speaking Indians instead of trying to learn and speak in English, deludes me. Tamil patru? Thai mozhi patru? I don’t think so because they say, ‘kaigel’, ‘kappe kawan’, ‘senju kes’ etc when talking, the Malaysian version of Chennai Tamil and many of them are not even from Tamil schools. It’s more like insecurity and laziness, which they try to cover up by resorting to bullying.. Kashtam la..

I do admit that there are Indians here who are not well versed in their mother tongues and still some have the mindset that speaking in Tamil is not classy so they fake an accent and say,”Enekeh konjum konjum Tamil teriyum..” Namitha maariye pesuvapla.

For those who really can’t speak Tamil, there are various reasons for it. Perhaps they are not Tamil in the first place and their parents did not teach them their mother tongue as English assumes priority.
So, instead of criticizing English speaking Indians, that they are white people wannabes (FYI, not all white people speak or know English) try to speak English alongside Tamil or your respective mother tongue. We, Indians, are a multi-lingual bunch and the more languages one know, the greater our advantage and edge. Tamil and Sanskrit are indeed the basal of all languages but how many of us know Sanskrit? Well, we can learn – we weren’t born knowing half a dozen languages. That’s my KARAT KARUTHU here!

The epic scene in Dasavatharam:
Govind: <speaking English vala vala>
Balram Naidu: Tamil leh pesu.. Ipdi English pesna, Tamile yaareh vaalavepangge?
Govind: Unggala maari Telugu kaarenege vaale veppangge..


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