We are very much aware that Indians especially Tamils love to watch Mega Mega Meegaa Serials, just to learn how to poke fire and destroy the peace of other families and also to cry in front of the TV. But let me tell you a bigger drama that’s going on in our very own Malaysian Indian Music INDUSTRY (*slap. Aheeem) Malaysian Indian Music SCENE. The artist will never rest in peace if there is no dramalah. Either they must tekan ( a way to say diss/pressure in MALAY ) the other fellow scene mate or post something that has got NOTHING to do with them. This makes me terribly angry even though it’s not on my wall. But if such is the case why didn’t you set the POST PRIVACY to yourself ah, if you don’t want your friends to rebut your stand. OK, we Indians are spice loving creatures, that why we get hot easily.

Why waste your money, energy and brain to diss or tekan your FORMER FRIEND( If you never knew the fella, you would had the problem in the first place right ). Just because he tapau your music or sometimes they even bungkus your sareke ( BIASALAH, how many other peoples daughter you tapau using your ARTIST status, KARMA is a Proton *The late catch up’s I dunno where u need to hang yourself lah. Proton is a VANDI’da, Translate to ENGLISH ). And the other fella will reply and this drama will attract some Tin Kosongs to reply. Yenda intha drama ?? But I love it !!

The wayang (show off ) that they will show before any music or movie release or even in real life. Aiyoaathadi. Not worth 10 kupang also. But when the product is out, for some the wayang koyak while the rest kena Kangkang Rajang ( Sungai Rajang is the Longest River in Malaysia ). Yenda intha poleppe. Be la humble abit. Dunno how to be humble ?? Lemme give you a technique. When people praise you, divert the praise to god. When genuine people like me TEKAN you, shut up and listen. Say Thank You. And screw me in your heart later.

You are human. Your itchy dick cannot keep quiet if some aweks compliment. And we know where it ends and after 6 months whether we get the news if she is pregnant or not, we will get the news in FB on how you cheated her. One group will demand justice, another will demand pictures to load at the SEXY SEXY FB PAGES ( dei dei dei, you fellaz will not like the page but will view the photos and massage your hands kan ). I like this drama cause we just don’t give a shit if its true or not but we will teeeekkkaaaannn the artist ( paavom la aven ).

You just can’t see someone suckcessful. You need to be another suckcessor in successfully screwing someone. If not you cannot sleep. The creativity that projects where you do it in such a way where you think others will not know and the whole world knows it before they even ask you.


Im in love with these dramas cause I layan them well.
To the Vandithanam Industry Personalities, please promote CONDOMS ( *if you want to have the FEEL, get Married ). To the Recording Producers, you know how backward we are. Skip the chase and let’s move forward. Let the talents grow RAPIDLY. To the radio stations in Malaysia, itu double standard bagi HAPUS. And use your platform as Artist for good purpose. Most importantly, don’t stop the DRAMA. DRAMA OH’ DRAMA.

“Dia Rolling Kita, Kita Rolling Balik”


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