13 Things only Malaysian boys who went to All Boys School will understand

1. If there is a hot teacher teaching us a particular subject, that would be the most exciting subject for us

2. Gang fights after school is very common

3. The best day of the week for us is Friday because we get to end school early as the Muslim students would need to go for Friday Prayers

4. We go crazy when it’s time for Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan (PJK)

5. We hated our short recesses because we only had about 5 – 10 minutes max to enjoy a meal

6. Strict and annoying prefects are who we used to hate back then

7. Many of us bring our phones to school and we hide it in places where the prefects would NOT want to search in. That’s right — in our underwear

8. When we were in Form 4 or Form 5, we used to think that riding motorcycles or driving cars to school were cool but only 10 – 20% of the students will have their dreams come true

9. Speaking of motorcycles, we used to enjoy the stunts being pulled off in front of the school

10. We hate the morning assemblies

11. Whenever the cleaners clean the toilets, it will get dirty again the next 20 minutes

12. If you’ve got a funky hair style, it will be gone the next day in school as the discipline teacher would cut it off

13. No matter how bad it was, we still miss those times


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