Many people know that anyone whom hails from IPOH has this very famous tagline of “IPOH MALI”. But not many people know how it was first coined and whom are Ipohites actually. I am IPOH and so are all IPOH children. We were the second main administrative city in the 19th century due to tin mining. Ipohites were also known as TIN KINGS. And the majority of the population is the Chinese with approx of 290K of them in the city. And we were known as THE CITY OF MILLIONAIRES and we still are but no doubt KL has evolved over the years.

But we are still the BIG BROTHERS.
And wherever an Ipohite goes, let it be to another place or another state; this conversation takes place.

Mr/Mrs X : Aiyaaaahhhh, Lu Mana Mali Ah ???????
Proud Ipohite : Gua, IPOH MALI.

This is how the tagline was first coined and now after many generations, we are still IPOH MALI and forever will be. We will always remain the best place to retire in peace, beautiful, and soulful. We will remain socially conscious for the current generation and for the future. IPOH HUMILITY.

Thoughtfully, Navinn Rajendran.

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