Karthik Shamalan unveils #ssl

Flying high from the success of #mtk, Karthik Shamalan is set for his upcoming film – #ssl – Suhamaai Subbulakshmi. Starring the frontman of SLY Squad – D7 and the beautiful Punitah Shanmugam in the leading roles, the upcoming film has been gaining much attention in social media.

With the winning team who delivered MTK, Karthik Shamalan and his production team had their first press meet of #ssl today at Thalapakatti Hall in Sentul to unveil a short 40-sec teaser. Judging from the teaser, which is already on YouTube, #ssl is set to be another neat feather in the cap for the entire team. Edited brilliantly to highlight an intriguing plot – Karthik Shamalan certainly brings a different feel with the teaser.

From the teaser, it can assumed that the film is likely to center around a football theme. The makers behind the film has certainly done an amazing job with the teaser. We wish the best of luck to Karthik and his team and we are looking forward to the actual film!


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