D7 unveils next cover song – a Malaysian track!

d7 handsomeD7 is finally back on the mic – the place where he belongs. After almost a year, D7 is set to blaze the mic with a cover track. What track you ask? It’s none other than Po Nagal Podhume – a track from Pavithra, a yet-to-be-released shortfilm from Soma Kanthan. Originally composed and sung by Neroshen, this cover will be D7’s first after a year and half of lay off. Also, Po Nagal Podhume is beautifully penned by Oviya, who has worked with Karthik Shamalan for MTK.

When asked D7 why is he covering Po Nagal Podhume? The SLY Squad frontman mentioned that he was initially part of the crew for the shortfilm – Pavithra. However, due to his health condition and timeframe, he was unable to commit himself to the project. Hence, in order to make up to it – D7 decided to come up with this idea – by dedicating this cover track to the entire team of Pavithra.

D7 also mentioned that Po Nagal Podhume required him to sing in a high pitch, similar with his previous releases – Kuruvamma, Jokko and most latest – Po Nee Po alongside Shane X’treme. Originally sung by Neroshen Thanaseharan, D7 hopes his cover of Po Nagal Podhume will be able to meet the original standard.

Adding to that, D7 also mentioned that this cover track will introduce 5 new faces – Janisa Dorairaj, Ragu Varan, Katir, Diwakaran and Vanitha who will be responsible for backup hummings. The cover track is recorded at Abraham Records, under the guidance of Boy Radge. D7 also said that Boy Radge has been very supportive of him and has guided him since his early years up to now. The singer from Selayang also thanked Shane X’treme, for believing in his talent and encouraging him to sing.

10486465_10204695535653972_6979861015232173881_nSo, what’s so special about this cover? Well, it’s probably the first time an independent Malaysian artist is covering another Malaysian track. Also, this cover involves an all-Malaysian talent – from the composer, singers, lyricist, instrumentalists, engineers and back up singers too!

On another note – we wish the best to the team behind Pavithra and also, would like to thank D7 for giving us the opportunity to unveil this cover.


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