12 emcees rock in Tamil Anthem!

A fuse of rap and rock – Tamil Anthem featuring 12 young emcees has certainly grabbed our attention! Featuring Bayzee, Vee, Greeny, MC Caburator, Vishen, G Sharp, DJ Sha, Raja Suryah, AK Shoun, Shazz, DDK and DC Diszcate, they have certainly made a terrific job on the track.

tamil anthem
With seamless transitions between each verse and lyrically masterful, the rap rock track – Tamil Anthem is one of the best collaborations to be released recently from our music scene. We are also loving the introduction of another female rapper – DJ Sha which brings the track alive. AK Shoun has done a credible job in the music department – combined with the upbeat music and the amazing vocals – Tamil Anthem is infectious. Adding to that, Muralitheran, the mixing and mastering engineer, has also done a massive job in mastering the track.

Published and produced by Dravidaz, Tamil Anthem also features Tamil hip hop crews from – Faceless, Elisaiyanz, Da Mirror and Crazy Joker – all relatively newcomers.

This is what our music scene needs – talents which keep pushing the boundaries and Tamil Anthem is one example. We wish the best to all those involved in this production, particularly to Dravidaz – who is gearing for their debut music album.


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