Avan Oru Thodarkathai telemovie OST released!

Have you listened to Avan Oru Thodarkathai? Composed by ‘Isai Vendhan’ Jay, the OST is sung by Arulselvan Selvasamy, with additional vocals by Odyssey Vocal and Music Training – Michelle Grace, Subha Nato, Bryen Prakash, Jana & Shankar Kumar. Meanwhile, Alwis provided guitar strumming while additional beats and percussion by Vijendra Vikneswaran. Avan Oru Thodarkathai is recorded and composed at Orange Box Studio.

Set to premier on 17th October 2014 at 10.30pm in Astro Vaanavil, the tele-movie is produced by Seven Hills Productions Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Astro Vannavil. The music video also features Composer Jay alongside the vocalist – Arulselvan Selvasamy, Alvin Martin and the casts and crews involved in making the telemovie. The music video cuts and directions by Manan Subra. Watch it now and let us know what you think! We are lovin’ Arulselvan Selvasamy’s vocals!

avan oru thodarkathai


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