Malaysian documentary filmmaker wins Best Documentary

Image Credit - Kat Khalid
Image Credit – Kat Khalid

Malaysian film graduate – Indrani Kopal, who is currently completing her Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Studies and Production at Hofstra University in New York has just won the Best Short Documentary for her film – The Game Changer in the recently concluded Harlem International Film Festival.

A recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship 2012, The Game Changer takes a look at the life of Susan Slotnick – who teaches modern dance to long term prisoners in Woodbourne Correctional Facility. By using this arts intervention strategy, the choreographer has been able to change the lives of these men.

Entering its 9th edition, the Harlem International Film Festival intends to “inspire and entertain by honoring films that offer honest, thought-provoking portrayals of our world”. Thus, without a doubt – The Game Changer is an honest account that portrays the lives of real men transforming themselves through their dance expressions.

On another note, The Game Changer will also be screened during the 23rd annual Hot Springs (Arkansas) Documentary Film Festival, from October 10 – 19. The winner of the festival’s “Spa City Award for Best Documentary Short” will qualify for the annual Academy Awards, under the documentary short subject category if it meets all the Academy rules. The Game Changer has also been invited for eight film festivals – which is amazing feat for any filmmaker!


We wish the talented Indrani Kopal all the best and hopefully, she’ll be at the Academy’s this year!


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