Neatru Aval Irundhal Review

Another Malaysian production – Naetru Aval Irundhal is the latest short film to grace our independent film circuit. Here is the review of the short film! Let us know what you think!

Naetru Aval Irundhal, a recent Tamil short movie that immediately caught our attention. The film opens with Gautam seeking for Meera’s approval for a date. The way he proposes shows his frankness and that catches Meera’s attention. Eventually the two individuals becomes a couple. As they are just 10 days away from their marriage, they are on a date as the reflect on how they fell in love and both eventually agrees to make love as that has been the one thing out of list. Many in society would disagree to it but according to the film script they don’t see it doing any harm as they are definitely going to get married. Gautam records their first sex as memory in his phone and Jaya is aware of it. Gautam later meets his best friend for a drinking session and misplaces his phone. Gautam and Jaya gets married and are having a happy married life.

Unexpectedly he receives a phone call. An unknown individual knows regarding the existence of the video, and wants to have a sex in return for the video. The next scene shows them getting into the car both devastated after lodging police report. Gautam later calls for Vimal to seek for his help and assistance. At this point Meera becomes paranoid as she becomes deeply depressed which shows her screaming in a restaurant. After assuring that he will solve the issue and putting her to bed, Gautam receives a call again. The same voice that want his wife for a night stand. Gautam breaks down in the conversation. He receives a phone call in between the conversation and agrees for the one night stand. Meera overhears the conversation and agreement. Vimal comes into the house baffled on who is on the floor which bring back to a flashback.

neatru aval irundhalGautam after dropping Meera back home is approached by a guy who wants to “taste” her once. Gautam harshly chases him away but is was less known that the guy has been following the couples to every place they went. Which relates to how he got hold of the phone that had their sex video in it. It takes back to the couples home and as Vimal asks on what has happened to Meera, Gautam rushes to the room and explains that all is well and he has settled the whole issue. Gautam says how he settled it. Vimal comes into the room shocked. Meera has committed suicide by hanging herself.

Even though Naetru Aval Irundhal is a fictional film, but we are well aware on the reality to it. It is happening in our circles and society. Many people are affected by this issue. And this film has brought a new light and message to it. Every action has its consequences and this is a unique script with a message. Viknish Lokarag Asokan has made justice to the film. All the cast involved were well selected and were apt for their respective characters. Editing was extraordinary by Kuben Mahadevan and Ravyn Manogaran. Ravyn Manogaran was also the cinematographer which gives him the upper hand on what he wants and easily executed during editing sessions. Every scene has a smooth transition and the storyline was well understood. Vinesh Kumar with the background score expressing and giving life and emotions at the right time at the appropriate frames.

Naetru Aval Irundhal : 8/10

We strongly suggest you to watch this short film!


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