Kadhal Ingae Vantachu Review

Kadhal Ingae Vanthachu is a Singaporean Tamil short film of approximately 40 minutes in length. Starring Thivyaa Ravichandran (Sreenisha) and Kannan Vijayakumar (Sreekanth) in lead roles, the romantic comedy focuses on the childhood love of Sreekanth on Sreenisha since their primary to secondary school. After a small dispute during a group study, the pair gets separated for 3 years. At present, Sreekanth works as a photographer while still harbouring his love for Sreenisha and hoping she will contact him one day. To his amazement, Sreenisha contacts him for a photography gig and what follows forms the crux of the story.

The story, simple as it is, charts Sreekanth’s fascination and unrelenting love to Sreenisha. Kannan Vijayakumar, who plays the lead, is fitting to the role. His nerdy outlook, yet boyish charm brings Sreekanth’s role to life. Not forgetting, Thivyaa also portrays her role eloquently, particularly in during the emotional scenes. Adding to that, we feel that it is the supporting roles of Kannayiram, played by Karthick, and Kesha, played by Sharanya, which spices up the short film with their comic relief. The funny combination of this duo will get you laughing and we hope we will be able to see them on-screen again soon.

While humour is central in the short film, the plot thickens as the film progresses. Thus, this will keep you glued and anxious on what’s about to be unveiled in the following scenes. One of the positives in this short film is its dialogue – humorous yet hard-hitting. The use of suspense and flashback sequences is another positive in the film. Written and directed by Kanna Vijayakumar himself, we have to commend him and his post-production team for the amazing visuals and cuts. The visually-pleasing intro and effects throughout the short film will definitely catch your eyes. Also, Lee Rahim’s brilliant and dynamic cinematography simplifies the storytelling and definitely, arouses the audience’s interest.

The short film brims with a lot of positivity and promise from this team. However, one thing which lacks is dynamic settings. The plot can be expressed through a more colourful, vibrant setting. Nonetheless, Kadhal Ingae Vanthachu makes up with this through its background scoring, which was executed with finesse from TYQing.


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