Another feather in the cap for Indrani!

indrani bustleIndrani Kopal continues to inspire us at Thamizh Roots with her recent success in the Upstart Awards which was held in New York recently. If you’re thinking what’s the Upstart Awards all about – it is created to recognize the cultural impact and contributions recent graduates are making in arts, science, film, entrepreneurship, photography, performing arts, non-profit and fashion. Organized by Bustle and Microsoft, Indrani was selected in the film category alongside Janaya Greene. Indrani’s selection can be attributed to her highly successful documentary – The Game Changer.

indrani bustle2

The Game Changer focuses on choreographer Susan Slotnick who volunteers to teach modern dance to prisoners at the Woodbourne facility. The documentary captures the evidence that dance is able to transform the lives of these men who make significant behavioral changes, both in prison and out in the street. The Game Changer won the Best Short Documentary award at the recent Harlem International Film Festival 2014 and was also accepted into ten film festivals in the U.S.

We wish Indrani Kopal all the best and hope she continues to excel in whatever she does!

Read more about Indrani Kopal on Bustle –

Read more about the event –


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