Tha Prophecy drops Faces

If you remember Kollywood movie Aadhi Bhagavan, then you would remember Canadian rap artist – Tha Prophecy, whose rap verses immediately caught the attention of many. Yes, the rap artist of Eelam origin has just dropped his latest music titled Faces.
tha proph

Staying true to his style, Faces is written by Tha Prophecy himself and produced by Pravin Mani. Lyrical masterful, Faces is sort-of the rapper’s reflection of the yesteryear. The rapper touches on a variety of things in the song, ranging from relationships to success. Nonetheless, it was a line in the third verse which caught our attention – ‘Pirates of the Indian ocean’, which is most probably a reflection of his origin. With mature and honest lyrics which are explicit in nature, the song is accompanied with stunning visuals by Pras Lingam, who edited, provided cinematography and directed the music video.

Filmed in three different countries – Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and India, Faces is in collaboration with Soles & Styles. A Funky Maple production, we are loving this honest attempt by Tha Prophecy and hope it lands itself on the Canadian music charts or something.

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