20 Favourite Tamil Independent Songs of 2014

A solid year for Tamil Independent music, 2014 continues to witness the unprecedented growth of the independent scene. With emerging talents such as Neroshen (Malaysia), Kausikan (Germany), Vicanes Jay (Malaysia) and Nerujan (Europe), the music scene has never been better. While established acts like Shabir (Singapore) and Sunitha Sarathy (India) continue to impress us with their music, acts such as Namma Ooru Boy Band (India), SE Boyz (Canada) and TS Prod (France) took major step forward in their careers.

As such, after countless hours of listening and discussing with the Thamizh Roots team – we’ve come to a consensus of our favourite 20 Tamil independent songs this year! Therefore , check out the 20 favourite Tamil independent songs of 2014 – in alphabetical order!

Celebritty Mathan – Minsara Kadhal

A peppy, fast-paced melodious number, Minsara Kadhal is a memorable song composed by Shaman and beautifully sung by Celebritty Mathan. A song which might bring you down the memory lane, the twist in the music which combines Tamil percussion elements with contemporary music makes it one of the best tracks in 2014. Penned by Raj Pirate, Shaman’s musical trademark is imprinted on Minsara Kadhal.

Chris G feat S. Nerujan – Uyiril Uthiram

Sung by Nerujan with Chris G in the music department – Uyiril Uthiram is a heart-breaking song which might get you into tears if you have a faint heart. Nerujan’s emotive singing coupled with Chris G’s composition is what makes this track a melodious hit, which was also portrayed impressively on visual.

Combatz – Nittham Nittham

With the release of their debut album, Munnurai in 2014, Combatz should be taken seriously as the future of Tamil hip hop. The trio have been working hard on their craft and their track Nittham Nittham is a result of that. Although released in 2013, Nittham Nittham caught our attention this year upon its album release. Shane X’treme repeated the similar formula of his previous successful hits by combining his eclectic composition with the lyrical genius of Combatz.

Dravidaz feat Various Artists – Tamil Anthem

12 fairly new emcees took the mic and delivered one of our favourite hip hop number this year – Tamil Anthem. With Dravidaz at helm – the track features singers-rappers from Faceless, Elisaiyanz, DC Diszcate and Crazy Joker, who delivered perfectly in one of the biggest collaboration in the independent scene. Props to the engineers behind this track who produced such a finesse rap song.

Havoc Brothers feat Thyivya Kalaiselvan – Kadhali

Havoc Brothers had numerous good releases this year but it was Kadhali which eventually hit the chord for them. Featuring the sensational Thyivya Kalaiselvan, Kadhali dominated local charts for some time. The song, brilliant in production, saw Havoc Brothers elevating themselves to the next level. One of the better tracks from the Malaysian scene – wait for their album next year!

Hemz feat Divya – Unnai Pola
(United Kingdom)

Hemz did a fantastic job in his 2014 release – Unnai Pola featuring Divya. A harmonious piece with a slow build-up, both Hemz and Divya did justice to the music through their ambient vocals. Penned by Nishan K, Unnai Pola is Hemz best work to date.

Hip Hop Tamizha – Vaadi Pulla Vaadi

Hip Hop Tamizha narrated a beautiful love story in their latest single – Vaadi Pulla Vaadi. Coupled with an outstanding video, which beautifully captures the essence of the song – Vaadi Pulla Vaadi is a story of undying love. A fantastic storyline , Adhi briefly touches on caste and religion issues in this love-themed rap song. Adhi’s delivery alongside the rockish music, Vaadi Pulla Vaadi gives us the chills!

Kausi’s Beginning – Kangal Rendum Pesuthey
(Europe – India)

The winner of Mirchi Music Awards South for mixing and mastering Billa 2’s Gangster, Kausikan Sivalingam is easily one of the best composers to emerge in the European Tamil music scene. His Kangal Rendum Pesuthey which was sung by Nerujan Sehasothy and Diwakar (SuperSinger winner) totally got us off the hook. The combo of Nerujan-Kausikan is something to look forward to and we hope they will continue to impress us with their music.

Namma Ooru Boy Band – Cosmpolitan Kadhali

They pride themselves as the first Tamil boyband – Yes, consisting of Josh Vivian and Varun Parandhaman, Namma Oru Boy Band’s (NOBB) Cosmopolitan Kadhali catapulted the duo into limelight upon its release. Sounding fresh and new in the Tamil independent scene, Cosmpolitan Kadhali’s catchy tune and visually appealing video is infectious!

Neroshen feat Mista Carey – Naan Unnai Kaadhalithaal

The biggest talent to emerge in 2014 is definitely Neroshen. Releasing three hits in a row – Naan Unnai Kaadhalithal, Vittu Poonadi and Ithu Kadhala, the aspiring singer-songwriter is considered a blessing in the Malaysian independent music scene. Neroshen’s presence pushes the creative boundaries in the music scene which at times lack creativity. Looking forward for HashtagONE is 2015, Neroshen could definitely be one of the biggest breakthrough artist to date.

Nishanlee feat Thyivya Kalaiselvan – Yaradhu Yaradhu
(Norway – Malaysia)

Another promising singer-composer to look forward to – Nishanlee’s Yaradhu Yaradhu alongside Thyivya Kalaiselvan is another hit in 2014. Reaching million hits within weeks, the Nishanlee-Thyivya Kalaiselvan combination produced one of the biggest hit in 2014. A soft-melodious composition, both Thyivya and Nishanlee’s vocals lit up the song through their emotive singing.

SE Boyz – Penne Nee Yaar

Canada’s SE Boyz released their Good Morning album this year but prior to their release, their music video Penne Nee Yaar was heavily circulated on social media. A rhythm and blues track with Tamil influence, Penne Nee Yaar is composed by their longtime music producer – Jegan T. The catchy tune will certainly be stuck in your head all day long!

Shabir – Oonjaladum

Singapore’s sensational singer-songwriter Shabir continues to push the boundaries of the Tamil independent music scene with Oonjaladum. Completely reinventing himself after Nagarakavi, Shabir having been showing the different sides of his music through successive hits – Maybe and Oonjaladum from his upcoming album . A heart-warming love story, this track will leave you smiling and not feeling bad or sad, watch it and you’ll understand what we mean. It definitely qualifies to be in the top 20 list!

Srinath – YOLO
(Sri Lanka)

Sri Lankan singer-songwriter, Srinath blew us way with YOLO, which is acronym for You Only Live Once. Lyrically meaningful and visually pleasing, YOLO is impeccable – both video and audio. The song is self-explanatory which highlights Srinath’s ups and downs, and the influence of spirituality in his life. Srinath has also announced that YOLO 2 is currently in progress with the shooting taking place in various places in America.

Sunitha Sarathy – Nimmadhi

Sunitha Sarathy has been trending recently with her Ennodu Nee Irundhal cover, but for us it’s Nimmadhi which has been on loop. A perfectly crafted song, the Chennai-based singer dazzles us with her mesmerizing and soulful vocals. Nimmadhi is definitely one of the most awesome soulful song released this year in India. No wonder, A.R Rahman once commented that Sunitha Sarathy will be giving Celine Dion a run for her money.

Teejay – Omiya
(United Kingdom)

Teejay has several hits under his belt already but it was Omiya which caught our attention. The catchy chorus and Teejay’s presence in front of the camera – turns out well for the young singer. Omiya is the kind of song which you can sit back and listen to after a long day, which refreshes your ear buds.

TS Prod – Kudumbam

TS Prod has been making good music sometime now and their 2014 single – Kudumbam is an impressive effort from the French-based musicians. Having released their mixtape, El Montana, this year, TS Prod can be considered pioneers in the European Tamil music scene having already released an album a couple of years ago when their music scene was still in its infancy. Kudumbam is certainly one of the best songs TS Prod has produced this year.

Tupakeys – Pengalin Siruppu

In the wake of rampant sexual violence and rape cases in India, Chennai-based hip hop outfit, Tupakeys released Pengalin Siruppu as a way to educate the younger generation to respect women and not to erase the smiles on their faces. Featuring Kollywood fame Simran on the music video, Pengalin Siruppu brought both recognition and acknowledgement to the group. And for their social commentary using hip hop, this song is one of our favourite hits of 2014.

Vicanes Jay – Adiye Kirukki

Vicanes Jay signaled his return to the music scene after a couple of years lay off with Adiye Kirukki. Working alongside composer Shane Xtreme proved to be fruitful, as the enchanting music coupled with Vicanes Jay’s innocent vocals worked wonders. With Karthik Shamalan in the video department, it was only certain that Adiye Kirukki would be Vicane Jay’s big breakthrough in the competitive music scene.

Viveck Ji feat Shantra – Graamatthu Ponnu 

When Chakrasonic’s Viveck Ji released Grammathu Ponnu alongside Shantra, it became an instantaneous hit. The folk-rap song immediately gained popularity and it went viral within weeks thanks to its amazing visual treat. Shot in India and released earlier this year, Graamatthu Ponnu has been in our playing list since!


And, that concludes our 20 favourite songs from the Tamil independent music scene this year! If you think we’ve missed any good songs released this year – drop us a comment on our Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thamizhroots and let us know! With that, we wish you the best for 2015 and happy new year!


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