Balan Kashmir’s inspirational Live My Life

If you’re into hip hop then Balan Kashmir’s Beats, Rhymes & Life mixtape has got some pretty dope tracks that will definitely intrigue you. One track which has been making waves recently is Live My Life featuring Mark Adam of Mixology Music.


Although the song has been posted on YouTube since August 2014, it is only recently that Live My Life has been getting its deserved attention. Eventually making its entry to the MET 10, the inspirational hip hop number has been receiving some decent radio airplay and has been getting a lot of shares on social media.

The former KLG Sqwad rapper has been spitting verses since a decade ago as far as we can remember and it’s about time he gets the deserved recognition. Mastered by D’Navigator, Live My Life is penned by Balan Kashmir himself alongside Mark Adam. Do checkout Balan’s other tracks from Beats, Rhymes & Life on his YouTube account.

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