DJ Gan talks about Karuppu Vamsam 2

Deejay Gan is releasing his Karuppu Vamsam 2 devotional album this Thaipusam and after Pranavam, this is the second devotional album which highly interests us during this time of the year. While a bulk of music albums will be released this Thaipusam, #kv2 is most probably the only devotional album to be on the market. Recently signed with PU4LYF Entertainment, we managed to get the man himself for a short interview of his upcoming album – Karuppu Vamsam 2.

Trootz: Will this be a fully devotional album?

DJ Gan: Yes! Karuppu Vamsam 2 (#kv2) is 100% a devotional album which I would say is suitable for prayers as ‘alaippu padalgel’.

karuppu vamsam

Trootz: Any genre bender kind of tracks?

DJ Gan: Firstly, this album contains 12 tracks. All tracks are digital recorded through an analog method of sound production with South Indian folk instruments and as well as, Western instruments. As far as genre bender tracks, you will have to get the album and listen to it. Expect something out-of-the-blue with a sense of familiarity.

  • South Indian instruments used are – thavil, urumi, kanjira, tappei melam, parai melam,  udekkai, pambai, idekkai, nadaswaram, shenai.  
  • Western instruments used are – Tom drum, Floor Toms, Roto sets, Ethnic Bass Drums,
  • Besides, a special instrumental track used in this album is with Chendai Mellam percussions from Guruvayur, Kerala.


Trootz: Any notable featuring in Karuppu Vamsam 2?


DJ Gan: Veeramanidhasan from Chennai who is famous for his voice for Aiyappan swamy devotional songs has sang a song in KV2, which is also the title track of this album. There is also Manikavinayam, an Indian playback singer from Chennai, who has lent his vocals for 2 tracks! Not forgetting, for the first time – Sheezay, has also sung a devotional song for Karuppusamy. 


Trootz: How was the process working with live instruments?

DJ Gan: Working with live instruments is a different experience altogether – it is enjoying and rewarding. I had a fantastic time recording the too! Throughout the process, I learned man new skills and over time, this improved my techniques of recording them. I also had the opportunity to record these live instruments in both Chennai and also in Malaysia. To add, Malaysia’s number one urumi melam, Chinna Rasa Masana Kali Urumi Melam, has worked on a track for the rhythms on this album.    

Trootz: What is expected from this album?

DJ Gan: I am expecting much from this album – in terms of support and also for all aiya followers, this album is dedicated to you. Purchase it and feel the music. The quality in this album speaks for itself. As always, do not support piracy!

We wish both DJ Gan and PU4LYF Entertainment all the best and we are looking forward to #kv2 and what it has to offer!


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