Havoc Brothers talk about Intha Vechiko and more

They currently boost one of the biggest fanbase in the Malaysian Tamil music scene and they have been growing strength to strength with each release. They recently signed with international award-winning record label – PU4LY Entertainment and released their debut album – Intha Vechiko this Thaipusam. We managed to catch the Brothers and asked them some questions about their album.

Trootz: What kind of genre are in this album?

Havoc Brothers: We have focused mainly on pop and rap because that’s where our strength is. However, there are some tracks which might surprise you. Havoc Brothers doing a rock ballad? Listen to the album and you will know what we mean!


Trootz: Any notable featuring artist in Intha Vechiko?

Havoc Brothers: Yes, one notable feature is by Shamini Ramasamy!


Trootz: Why did you guys choose the title Intha Vechiko?

Havoc Brothers: We believe our tracks have many good messages and we want people to listen, analyze and keep it!

intha vechiko

Trootz: Who are the music producers whom have worked on Intha Vechiko?

Havoc Brothers: Lawrence Soosai, Santesh Kumar, Rabbit.mac, Neroshen and of course, Deejay Gan, all worked on this album.


Trootz: Recently, there were some incidents which took place in your Thaipusam booth and also many unfounded rumours about Havoc Brothers. How has it been?

Havoc Brothers: We’ve been receiving a lot of support from our family, friends and fans – that’s good. Also, please watch our official statement video in response to all the rumours.

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