Shabir’s hat-trick with Boomi Athirum

Shabir has definitely hit a hat-trick with his latest release – Boomi Athirum. After the success of Maybe and Oonjaladum, Boomi Athirum is likely to follow suit. Another love tale, Boomi Athirum is inspired by the Tagore verse – Trust love even if it brings sorrow. Intertwined with the stories of lovers who all need to find the courage to change their lives forever, Shabir and his team flawlessly executed this through its stunning visuals. A major highlight in this music video is the art of storytelling, which has been perfected throughout. Set in the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur, the characters re-enacts their stories to Shabir’s vocals.   boomi athirumWith a host of talents involved in this music video, such as Jasmin Michael, Sangeetha Krishnasamy, Reneetha, CS Murugan, Bala Ganapathi William, Vitest Mitra, Debasish Debu, Temina, Aanantha and Shabir himself, Boomi Athirum is directed by our very own Soma Kanthan, who has done justice to the song with his striking visuals and crisp editing. Soma has made many music videos to date but this definitely stands out. We believe Shabir has brought the best out of Soma in Boomi Athirum. Shabir is the hidden gem in the Tamil independent music scene. He makes inspiring songs with love themes and each time, he brings something new to the table, which only elevates the Tamil music scene higher. We think 2015 is likely to be the year of Shabir if he continues to push boundaries.

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