Vicanes Jay latest music video – Naan Pogiren

If you have yet to check out Vicanes Jay’s latest music video – Naan Pogiren, then you’re definitely missing out the best the Malaysian Tamil music scene can offer currently. The sensational singer, who recently bagged the Best Music Video award for his previous release – Adiye Kirukki in the Malaysia Kalai Ulagam awards is back again with a bang in Naan Pogiren.

A Rdx Kiru music composition with Sesatre’s amazing flute play, Naan Pogiren is written by Maney Villainz. Sung beautifully by Vicanes Jay, Karthik Shamalan once again joins hand with the singer to craft this music video. Working alongside Thinash Raaj, Joel Raj and Shanker Indra, the team did justice to the music. The amazing post-production which elevates the song to another level. Shanker Indra’s cuts are amazingly crisp while Karthik Shamalan’s concept works well with the track, providing a sense of suspense and thrill.

Vicanes Jay stars in the music video alongside Purani Muthu, Jamie Jamalliah and Joel Raj. Naan Pogiren is definitely going to be another hit from the Ipoh-born singer, who has been making music for 5 years now. Vicanes Jay also told us that he is likely to release an album by the end of this year. We are definitely waiting for it!


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