Top 5 Best Psychomantra Songs!

psychomantraHaving the most recognizable flow in the Tamil independent music scene, the name Psychomantra is synonymous for his crafty and well-timed rap. The Malaysian-based Tamil rap artist has various hit numbers to his name and have crossed geographical boundaries by working with Tamil artists from Europe. While he has maintained a very down-to-earth profile, the rap artist has released numerous albums to date, namely Punithamana Thulasi and Kollapadi, and is certainly considered as one of the heavyweights in the Tamil rap scene. So, here is our Top 5 breakdown of Psychomantra’s best songs!

Psychomantra – Sikkikollu

One of Psychomantra’s earlier tracks – Sikkikollu is a melodious rap piece which can be considered the rap artist’s breakthrough track in the Tamil music scene. While most rap tracks had a similar pattern during this time with its aggressiveness, Sikkikollu brought a fresh of breathe air to the music scene. A trademark Psychomantra track which immediately grabbed the attention of many due to its love content and simplistic yet sophisticated music, Sikkikollu became an instant hit among local music listeners and still sounds fresh today after many years.

Psychomantra feat Crank – Cheers

This track made Psychomantra a household name. Makkehs loved the song and many memorized the lyrics to groove along during their drinking sessions. While many criticized the song for glorifying the consumption of alcohol, Cheers was a huge success for Psychomantra. It is also worth highlighting that Cheers never received any radio airplay and the video was also never published on television but it was a huge success as it was well-received by avid Tamil music listeners as they could relate to its lyrics.

Psychomantra feat Rabbit.Mac – Solle Maame Psycho

What do you get when you put two wild and crazy rappers on a track, you get Solle Maame Psycho – a track which serves as a public announcement service but with a lot of words twists and wordplay. Psychomantra hard-hitting rhymes definitely shows his lyrical mastery in Sollu Mamee Psycho alongside Rabbit.mac. We wish Psychomantra and Rabbit.mac worked on more tracks to deliver such infectious and whacky rhymes.

Psychomantra feat Balan Kashmir – Kuchi Kuchi Rakamma

One of Psychomantra’s hit song which features Klang rap artist Balan Kashmir. The track received a lot of radio airplay and can be considered one of Psychomantra’s biggest mainstream success. This is one of our personal favourite as Psychomantra’s trademark rap style is stamped on this track.

Nishanlee feat Dhilip Varman and Psychomantra – Sikki Tavikhurean

Collaborating with fellow Malaysian singer Dhilip Varman and European Tamil music composer, Nishanlee, Sikki Tavikhurean is a track which surely brings the different side of Psychomantra. Accompanied with such harmonious singing and melodious music, Psychomantra elevates the track to an entire new level with his poise rhymes. Perfect timing and impeccable flow, Psychomantra is definitely a psycho with his mantras.

And that’s the end of our Top 5 Best Psychomantra Songs – did we miss any tracks from the rap artist which deserved to be in our Top 5 list? Then, let us know in the comment section! Also, are there any other artists that you would love to see in our list of Top 5? Let us know by messaging us!

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