5 Music Collaborations We’d Like to See

Music collaborations undeniably make music better. Bringing in talents from different worldviews and attempting to unify them through a song is extremely exciting and enriching. The Malaysian music scene has seen some fruitful collaborations in the past. Therefore, here are 5 music collaborations tht we would like to see happening in the near future, be it in the English or Tamil scene!

Yogi B and D7

yogibd7Yogi B needs no introduction and D7 is a name which many people are familiar with. While Yogi B has been relentlessly working on his upcoming music album Mantrahood, D7 too has been keeping busy with his music projects and also making his debut as an actor through Karthik Shamalan’s #ssl. We feel the collaboration between Yogi B and D7 is a matchmake in heaven – the old and the new. Yogi B’s rap verses alongside D7’s melodious singing could definitely work wonders – where the young meets the old.

Darkkey and Neroshen

darkkeynerosKnown for his ability cross between music genres, Neroshen could definitely create a hit track with the King of Sambarock – Darkkey. This might be beneficial for both artist – one an upcoming composer and another, a successful veteran artist – who could certainly develop a fruitful combination. Neroshen’s youthful outlook on music alongside Darkkey’s recognizable vocals could definitely redefine the Malaysian Tamil music scene as a while, while also giving the Malaysian Sambarock music genre an uplift.

Froya and Roshan Jamrock

roshanandfroyaRoshan Jamrock has many accolades under his name through his crunk group – K Town Clan. They have popularized the crunk genre in Malaysia by developing its own distinctive sound. On the other hand, Froya, a Malaysian songstress, possess this angelic sound – a sense of sereneness and calmness. Hence, in our heads, why not combine the crunkiest and craziest Malaysian independent singer with Froya? We believe this collabo will certainly work wonders for both music artists.

Darren Ashley and Shirin

shirinanddarrenWhat if an established electronic music composer works with a young and upcoming Malaysian Tamil songstress – can they produce an electronica with Tamil flavour? We definitely believe the credible Darren Ashley should collabo with Shirin Balan to produce some magic! Darren Ashley has been keeping himself busy with Bass Sekolah, a collaborative project with CEE, while Shirin has been working on various independent tracks. Darren Ashley who categorizes his music as pseudo-electronica could definitely work some magic with Shirin.

Shane X’treme and Sheezay

shanesheezayOne a melodious composer, the other a whacky rapper! The combination of Shane X’treme and Sheezay can definitely land a chart topper! Shane X’treme is an extremely meticulous composer who has several melodious hit numbers under his name, on the other hand, Sheezay is a rap artist who is popular for going crazy over the microphone. Hence, what if these two artists are to collaborate on a track – imagine the outcome – a pacy rap number with a melodious feel! While both music artists are currently working silently on their own projects, they should try work something out in the studio!


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