Sri Lankan Tamil rapper Kingsouth Krishan drops Unnal Mudiyum

unnal mudiyum

Leading Sri Lankan Tamil rapper Krishan has released a new track titled Unnal Mudiyum, a heart-stomping motivational track, featuring Kollywood fame Haricharan.

Accompanied with a quality music video, Krishan, a pioneer of Tamil rap in his homeland – Sri Lanka, sets the track on fire with his raw vocals alongside Haricharan’s mesmerizing verses.

The motivational song is directed towards the youth with a positive message as Kingsouth Krishan mentions through the music video. The team behind the music video has beautifully crafted the music video by embodying the song’s theme through the visual presentation.

With popular playback singer Haricharan Seshadri also appearing on the music video alongside Krishan, the music video is definitely on par quality-wise. This is probably the best product released from Sri Lanka thus far, not forgetting Srinath’s YOLO as well.

In a country ravaged by war for decades, it is only apt why Sri Lankan artists have always focused on the message of positivity, particularly Krishan and also Srinath.


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