The Villanz and Various Artists releases Tamil Hip Hop My Hip Hop

Earlier this year – The Villanz released their monumental album – Perusu. The album which is a culmination of their hard work aims to celebrate Tamil hip hop and the Malaysian Tamil music scene in general. One track that immediately got our attention was Tamil Hip Hop My Hip Hop which features an ensemble of rap artist, who are all successful in their own rights.

Judging from the sound and quality of the music video, it is safe to say the Malaysian Tamil music scene is heading towards the right direction. Visually, the music video is striking and high in quality, particularly the scenes focusing the background story.

The catchy beat alongside the infectious rhymes from the rap artists, Tamil Hip Hop My Hop Hop is a bilingual track which not only attempts to highlight Tamil rap but also to show the diversity in the Malaysian Tamil hip hop scene. This sort of bridges the gap between the music scenes and also comes to show the connectivity between the English and Tamil scene in Malaysia.


Featuring Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, Jack Chakrasonic, Switch Lockup, Stylomannavan, Balan Kashmir, Bugz and including the Villanz duo – Kash and Maney, the hip hop track is composed and arranged by Kash Villanz himself. It is indeed nice to see the Malaysian Tamil rappers get together to celebrate the growth of Tamil hip hop to what it is now.

Tamil Hip Hop My Hip Hop is set to premiere in Sun Music in the coming days. This is a feather in the cap for the Malaysian Tamil hip hop music scene, which is often dubbed as the capital of Tamil hip hop.

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