The Pandavas Fusion Band bringing something new to the scene!

the pandavas fbDid you know we have our very own instrumental fusion band in our own backyard? Yes, the Tamil independent music scene is definitely getting more diverse as we speak. The Pandavas Fusion Band is 5-piece fusion band which mainly plays fusion and meditation music. Consisting of Sitarist Kalai, Giritharan Muniandy, Ariyanayagan Ari, Risshe Kumar and Mahendran, the fusion band initially started as a 2-piece which has eventually grown into a full fledge music band now. Combining elements of both traditional and modern music instruments, the Kuala Lumpur-based fusion band have been carving out their own sound for some time now through the use of sitar, flute, tabla, acoustic guitar, tabla, box drum, dolak and more.

The musicians who only perform instrumental music certainly brings something fresh to the Tamil independent music scene. Their debut music video was released late last year titled Dharma, with Vrinda Photo Graphics crafting the naturalistic yet elegant music video. It is indeed refreshing and exciting to see aspiring musicians in front of the camera and doing what they do best! We hope that The Pandavas Fusion Band will release more relaxing and peaceful music in the coming future!


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