Salammusik’s visually appealing Terima Kasih

Have you checked out Salammusik’s latest music video? Titled Terima Kasih, it is an upbeat, happy-go-lucky track! Directed by Idril Milhat of Motiofixo, the music video is crafty and exquisite in nature. With colourful backgrounds and dopey designs, the visuals are extremely appealing. The team behind the music video, Motiofixo, definitely hit the right spot with its visual working alongside the lyrics. Props to the art director – Raihan Razman and motion artist Alan Amir & Raihan Razman as well, for crafting this trippy music video. A lot of meaning embedded within the visual, Terima Kasih is an entertaining song and Eyza Bahra’s verses will definitely get you on a loop.

The music video was released on May 14, 2015 and already clocked more than 15k hits!


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