TROOTZ defends Muttazhagi by Reggaeron Feat Psychomantra

First of all, learn how to relax. Look into matters rationally rather than emotionally. The Daily Seni published a write-up today and I feel that the right issues were not addressed instead jumped into unnecessary conclusion. Muttazhagi was a decent effort by a newcomer, Reggaeron who also used to be known as Lil Ron. Music Video is usually an extension of a track, but the track has turned out well.

Now, let’s get to the music video. It is a Reggaeton genre track, that is best played in clubs. So, do you expect the music video to be shot at a temple? So, the location concept is reasonably acceptable. Many were “menggatal” commenting on the chicks. They weren’t on BIKINI. Hence, if you think the attire was able to influence the community, hit the clubs tonight and see how our ladies are rocking the club.

Moreover, if you like the track, share them. If not, leave it. The investors are supposed to worry as they are the ones that have got their money into the whole project. Muttazhagi is a good effort. Compared to Vandi Pages in FB, this is – way way way better. Congrats Reggaeron & Psychomantra.

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