SSK latest song – Bawah 3000

With economic uncertainties and the rising cost of living, Serius Selamba Krew’s song – Bawah 3000 will be able to speak volumes to you. Featuring the popular singer-songwriter Faizal Tahir, the hip hop-based track simply explores on how earning less than RM 3,000 is hard to make ends meet.

Touching on everything from the increase of oil prices, toll and AKPK, the Malay rap group, popularly known as SSK, has creatively expressed this touchy subject matter in a distinct manner. With Saph and NBE spitting some hard-hitting yet meaningful verses, this complements with Faizal Tahir’s vocals.

While the track in general attempts to capture the struggles faced, it is much more than that. SSK attempts to provides a positive message to its listeners – stop finding reasons and complaining, find solutions. This can be heard loudly in their chorus ‘Cari Jalan Bukan Alasan’.

Finding solutions is the only forward, reasons and complains brings us nowhere. A track with a deep meaning, this is indeed a situational song – considering the uncertain times we are in.


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